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Is it me or am I the only one who likes online classes?

It seems like everyone that asks me about my schedule is shocked to see that I take so many classes online.  I am a full-time student taking five classes online and I absolutely love it.  Who honestly likes to sit in class?  When you take classes online, you have the freedom to do your work whenever it is best for you.  (you obviously have a due date to turn that assignment in)

They are not as hard as people make them sound.  Some advice that I can give you on taking online classes are:

  • If you are debating on taking a class and it is your first ever online, take ENG, HIS, or like an Art History course.  I have taken over ten courses online in multiple subjects and I find that those are the easier subjects.  Upper-level MAT, ACC, and s0me BUS courses are some of the more challenging subjects, but they are not impossible.
  • Login onto your class at least once a day.  This way, you will NEVER miss anything.
  • Learn to use your EMAIL.  E-Mail is your main way of communication with your professors, whether its your genESIS email or your actual email address.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your professor.  If you don’t understand something, e-mail them and 90% of the time they will help you out.  There has been times where I forgot to turn in assignments on time and I just emailed the professor and told them straight up why it was late.  Nobody’s perfect.  Sometimes they will hook you up and give you credit for it.

If you learn to incorporate a few online classes with a few in-class classes, you will realize that your schedule will be a whole lot easier.

If you have any more questions on taking classes online at GCC, visit


One thought on “Online Classes

  1. Bonnie

    Personally I agree I love my online classes, being a returning student ( an older one at that) , it is easier to fit “life” into online classes and I can work at my own pace which is a major plus for me. If it wasn’t for the online courses I more than likely never have returned to college!

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