February Special. (Batavia Downs – pt. II.)


Since my last blog post on the downs, a lot of interesting things have happened.  Every time I walk in to the downs, someone that works there greets me by my name because they know me from that last post.  They gave me a few hats, shirts and a cooler.  So cool.  But thats not what I wanted to  talk about.

Throughout the month of February, Batavia Downs has a special where you get a 5-dollar free play if you show up from 8am – 9am.  Many commuters who have 9 o’clock class could take advantage of this and maybe win a few bucks.  Also, if you go on Friday in the morning, you will receive the 5 dollar free play and the 10 dollar free play from Facebook Friday. (Like I described in the past post.)

Me and my roommate headed out there this morning before his 10 o’clock class.  I walked away with only 7 dollars and he walked away with $19, although he was one “7” away from winning the jackpot.  A few days ago, me and a friend turned 10 dollars in to $102 in one spin.

Try out your luck, maybe you will walk away with something !


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