To whomever finds it hilarious to liter while walking the hill from College Village,
Is that really necessary? While walking it this morning, I saw all the banana peels, wrappers, soda cans, and even empty things of lip gloss and thought “was it really too much trouble to hold on to it until you got to a garbage can?” I have often said that the hill needs some garbage cans, but would that really do any good or would you just keep littering, putting those harmful materials out in nature? I just had to express myself on this point, because I get disgusted each time I walk that hill and see some new trash piling up. What do you think maintenance goes around collecting your things? Even if they did, should you really take them for granted? Be a friend, be helpful… DO NOT LITTER!
Thank you for listening and I hope you change your mind next time that banana peel is about to slip from your fingers.

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