I made a decision…


As I stand in the hallway, waiting for class to start- eating my to go breakfast of fig newtons and sierra mist -and reeling from lack of sleep because of a nightmare I had last night (yes, even at 24 years old I have nightmares)- I am thinking about my future and have made a decision as to what to use my degree toward. At one time in my life I wanted to be a cop and, while that person is still in my heart, my brain has made me realize that it is not going to be a possibility because of various reasons. However, after only a week of classes, I have come to see a great alternative. Security. My long term goal would be to work in or own a private security firm that specializes in rescues and high profile cases. Still, I’ll have to start from the bottom, but that is okay, because that means I have to earn that goal. I think it will be the perfect direction to go, because while I won’t be part of the police I will be helping people in need.

So, what do you wish to do with your degree?

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