New Exhibit


Well, the first blog post is always the hardest so bare with me.

If you have a chance, stop over by the art gallery and check out the new, cool exhibit that is on display.  I mean it was cold out one day so I decided to walk in through the art gallery and the exhibit caught my eye from the second I walked in.

Kala Stein next to her work, "Convivium."

The exhibit on display is called the Convivium.  Constructed by Alfred University’s Kala Stein, it is a 32-foot long glass table that is set with hundreds of porcelain half-goblet forms and is arranged in a specific pattern.

What makes the Convivium so cool is that when you look at it from far away, all of the porcelain goblet forms look like they are the same, but when you look at it up-close, they are all slightly different.  Also, when you cast a shadow over the objects, it gives it a different look and makes it much more interesting.

The art was very interesting, but also below and inside of the gallery there is a video of how they actually put the piece together.  They said that it took them a few days to put the whole thing together.

If you have the time, I highly advise you check it out.  The piece will be up until February 27, 2012.


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