A Man Can Look Good in a Kilt


Week one of the new Spring semester is done! How was your week? Mine was interesting. I learned two things already!

First, I learned that any class can be fun if you make it that way. I am taking Administration in Criminal Justice and I thought it would be a little… flat (for lack of a better word), but as it turns out I can make it fun. Hearing the professor’s stories from his past career as a police officer and investigator makes the day.


Second, I learned that one of my professors is a strong and respectable man. My Children’s Literature teacher wears a kilt every Friday and- unlike some people- I think he is brave for walking around all day in it. He reveres his ancestors and shows his pride in his heritage by standing up for modern day times and the idea that men can wear a skirt too. If you ask him why he wears a kilt every Friday, he would probably give you the clipped version of “Because, I want to”, but the truth is he is making a stand. Years ago, when he was teaching at a different school, he was told that men wear slacks, dress shirts, and ties every day to their classes and women wear dresses. But, this particular man wasn’t going to stand for that. He was going to make a point and wear the clothes of his ancestors, against school wishes. Sadly, however, he didn’t get this chance before moving to New York and starting work here at Genesee Community College. So, to continue with his mission, he wears various kilts every Friday and shows off the fashion of his ancestors. His family should be proud and, as he told us, his wife finds it sexy… But, the point is, a man can look good in a kilt!




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