Out from the shadows… Into the sun


Well, we start the Spring semester in 5 days. Are you ready? I’m not! I have almost everything packed, have a plan for moving back, have my textbooks ordered and my schedule ready, but I’m still not ready to go back. Even after a whole semester in the Fall, I am not used to being away from home or being out of my comfort zone when it comes to have roommates. But, I am determined to make this semester all the better then the last. I will get enough sleep, I will work my butt off on my homework and in class, I will use my down times to work on my novels instead of taking a nap or eating or something worthless like that. I will beat those seven deadly sins that overtake us all at one time or another. Sloth (no naps everyday), Pride (meaning over pride), Greed (will not worry about other people’s grades or things and only worry about myself), Anger (will try to control my anger over everything), Envy (self-explanatory), Lust (but that one isn’t included in this scenario lol), and Gluttony (I will not want what I don’t need)- I will vanquish you all this semester!


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