Dead University Conclusion


By: Genevieve Scholl


Hey readers! Sorry I did not get the conclusion done yet, but I have been so exhausted from my illness. So, here is the conclusion…


Even as I spoke the words, I realized that it was a lie. That explained why none of the other students had seen the eerie green glow and had passed right by me with no care in the world. I was dead, but how did I die? Why didn’t I remember dying?

The cute ghost spoke again, “I’m Brian by the way,” he said.

“I’m…” That was weird, I couldn’t remember my name.

“Oh no need to introduce yourself, Marlena, I know all who are enrolled in Dead GCC,” he said as if reading my mind.

Marlena… That’s right, my name was Marlena Stevens, but I still didn’t remember dying. I wondered if that was something that was intentional. Did I block out my death because I was too traumatized?

Again, as if reading my mind, Brian looked at me with sympathy in his pale dead eyes. “Do not worry, Marlena, the memory of your death will come back to you in time. Right now, you are just getting used to the dead-life.” He chuckled, as if this was an inside joke. “Let me show you around.”

As he did, I suddenly noticed my surroundings. We were standing in a room made of glass, or at least that’s how it looked, and I could see the students walking the halls or sitting in the classrooms of GCC- normal, not dead. I couldn’t believe how this was possible, as I watched a teacher write something on the whiteboard in the classroom to my left. There was no way the students couldn’t see us. I mean, we were standing right in front of them, weren’t we?

As we continued to walk I heard, “Now, can confessions alone be used to convict someone of a crime in court?” The familiar voice of my Criminal Procedure Law professor brought a small sense of sorrow. I actually missed my classes and the things that Professor Wickle was teaching me. Would I ever learn the ins and outs of Criminal Justice? Was there even a need for Criminal Justice after death?

I asked Brian. “Well, believe it or not, yes there is. You will continue with your studies here, and eventually become the security guard for our world. You will not only keep these jokers in line, but you will also be the guard of the entire death world. You will have to make sure that no Breathers find our world. If they do, they will instantly die, and that’s not what we want.”

Well, that explained a lot; not to mention, put a lot of pressure on me. How was I suppose to go about doing that? I was dead, it wasn’t like I could stop a human from doing something… Could I?

As Brian continued my tour, I noticed that there was nothing different about Dead GCC then regular GCC, except of course for the bleeding wounds and missing limbs of some of the students. I knew I could be happy here. I knew this was the place for me and the place for me to essentially start over. I might have been dead, but at least I was still attending GCC. A giggle escaped my throat when I thought about the things I could do dead. Would Kevin, my supervisor, like a short visit?…


Sorry for leaving the suspense, but it was a creepy SHORT story 🙂 Hope you all enjoyed learning about DEAD GCC and the students and professors you never knew existed…


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