Buffalo Pride


As I sit here, at my desk in Student Activities I cannot think. My mind is racing, I can’t sit still, and I keep talking in different voices to my boss. Why am I this way? Cabin Fever, my friends. Thank goodness my boss finds the different voices amusing; I am at least accomplishing a little something today.

I can’t explain the cabin fever, except to say that it is warm outside and I have arrived to the point in the semester where you can almost see the end in sight…. but it makes you loopy. You know the feeling. You’re so overwhelmed with work and school and everything else in your life that you simply go insane.

My friends…I am insane.

Now, the one bright spot in all this mess is Sunday because I AM GOING TO THE BILLS GAME.

If you remember just one thing about me, let it be that I am a HUGE  Buffalo Bills fan. Just hideously, ridiculously huge. And the fact that I am going to the game on a gorgeous Sunday morning in my beautiful Orchard Park, NY is almost too much to bear. So. For all you Bills fans out there I am going to give us a taste of the fantastic butt-kicking the Bills are going to unleash on the Jets this Sunday. Enjoy, and try not to tear down any goal posts!!


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