Dead University Part 2


I was about to walk away when the bricks started to move. I watched as each of the thirteen bricks separated and slid apart, revealing a small black door. Golden letters adorned the front, blazing a foreign language that I didn’t recognize, even though I was fluent in nineteen different dialects.

It was somehow inviting, but still I wasn’t sure what I should do. If this was a dream, nothing could hurt me, but if it was reality, was my curiosity worth the consequences? Slowly, I turned the knob and the door mysteriously expanded to the size of an average door. By this point, my hesitation had flown out the open window and I walked through the door.

“D-E-A-D-G-C-C,” I heard as soon as the door closed behind me. “D-E-A-D-G-C-C!”

Dead GCC? Now I was completely confused. GCC was the name of my college, but what did Dead GCC mean?

“Welcome to your death,” I heard from behind me. Scared out of my skin, I spun around to see who had said that, but there was no one there. “Hey! Up here!”

Looking up, I saw a man sitting above the door. Or at least, I thought he was sitting, until he floated down to “stand” in front of me. At closer inspection, I could see that the man had no feet and was actually a ghost. My insides froze, but strangely I wasn’t afraid. Actually, he was sort of cute… for a ghost. He had wavy brown hair and bright (or they would have been if he was alive) blue eyes. Still, his presence only confused me more.

“Death?” I asked. “But, I’m not dead.”

Dear Readers,

Unfortunately I am not feeling the best and can’t finish this short story today, but I promise it will be finished by tomorrow. Have a happy halloween!


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