Delicious Chicken in a Cluck


By: Genevieve Scholl

Chickeroni Pasta

Adjusting to eating when you are away from home can be difficult, but with only a few simple ingredients you can make the most delicious chicken dish ever! It’s called Chickeroni Pasta and all you need to buy is chicken, a box of pasta, pepperoni, a can of simple pasta sauce, and a can of diced tomatoes. It feeds at least two and only costs about $15! Simply cook the pasta in water, like usual, while simultaneously frying the chicken in a pan. Make sure you fry it in water, instead of oil; too much oil can actually ruin the dish. After the chicken is just about finished, add the pepperoni to give it a bit of the chicken flavor. Once that is to your liking, place the pasta on a dish and top it with the chicken and pepperoni. Then, in a small bowl, heat the sauce and tomatoes in the microwave for about 15 seconds. After it is warm, place on top of the whole dish; the chicken and pasta will help the sauce heat to an edible level. Using your discretion and your personal tastes, you can add parsley on top (as show above), or any spice you wish. Now, simply cut, bite, and enjoy.


Smooth and Creamy!


Small note: Any sort of drink that you are in the mood for will do, but in my family we drink milk with this dish to help with the bite of the pepperoni and spice. It is not an overpowering spice, but sometimes you just need that cooling sensation on your tongue.


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