By: Genevieve Scholl
The cougar; a majestic, complex, and fascinating creature. They can run anywhere between 35 to 45 miles per hour and the longest recorded leap is about 18 feet. Due to the low pitched sounds from the cougar, their prey is unsuspecting and taken by surprise. They stalk their prey, taunting them with the possibility of a chase, and then they attack with quick precision and barely a sound.

The Genesee Community College Cougars are also fast and efficient. They are organized, planning out their attack strategy, waiting for the other teams to let their guard down. They use what ever is at their disposal to bring down their prey. In sports like baseball, basketball, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, volleyball, and even swimming (even though cougars are not fond of the water) they attack unsuspecting teams with their skill. So, check out an upcoming athletics event and watch our proud teams go head to head with the other animals of the college kingdom. In fact, there is a men’s soccer game taking place tonight at 4:00PM against Monroe Community College. However, be warned, cougars are very territorial. So, if you hear the low growl of the GCC Cougars, you know they are ready to strike.


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