Missing Home


By: Genevieve Scholl 


From the very beginning of our lives, our parents held our tiny little feet in their hands; trying their hardest to keep us from walking away. Except, no matter how long they held on to our wiggling toes we still had to walk away one day. College might not be a forever moment, like marriage, but it can feel lonely. Being away from home for the first time in your life is an adjustment that takes some getting used to, but I have learned that there is an advantage to living on campus and away from home. As I found out when I came home for the first time this weekend, you get excited when it comes your turn to head home and visit your favorite people. Those people could be Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grams, or even aunts, uncles, and siblings. No matter who they are, they are family and family is the most important thing in the world. Education is important, making a living is important, and living is important, but without family those other things wouldn’t be possible.

Don’t forget the people that helped get you to this point in life. Yes, living away from home can be hard, but with the great invention of technology, there are ways to keep in contact with those loved ones. Email, cell phones, chatting, Facebook… Utilize them all and talk to your family. It might not be the same as being with them, but at least you can see their faces and reassure yourself that they aren’t really that far away. If you think about it, they are right with you; in your hearts.

Held in the Heart

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