Living with Roommates


By: Genevieve Scholl

Four Extraordinary Roommates

So, you might think that living with roommates for about four months will be a challenge and something that you won’t be able to handle. However, from personal experience, I can tell you that isn’t the case. While it may be a challenge to get along with other people for that period of time, you can handle the new experience with a deep breath.

Remember to treat your roomies with respect, kindness, and equality and you will get along great with each other. Also, remember to share. While you don’t have to share everything with the others that are living in your “house”, you should try to share what you can when there is a need for something. For example, remember to split the cost of living products like garbage bags, food, and bathroom essentials. Also, don’t be nervous or self-conscious about meeting your new roommates. They are just human beings after all, just like you.

Fun Times

I have learned a lot about my roommates in only the short period of time that we have been in school. In only three weeks, I have learned that Brazil is a comedian, Tai is a fashionista, and Bianca is the best friend anyone could ask to have. We aren’t just roommates, we’re friends. Actually, in a way, we’re family.

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