Adventure capital of the world?? … yes please.


So I left my mothers house in Houston to start the adventure to my sisters place in .. MOAB UTAH! A tiny little town in the Southwest of the state that surrounds the Colorado River and Green River. It’s the adventure capital of the world! Many people come here to see Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park that sit right outside the town. I drove for two days to get to Grand Junction, Colorado where I stopped for a day to do a project for my Anthropology class. I was to do an observation a few times, so I decided to make my observations at a nudist event. I found some people who have been featured in a magazine for their nudist wedding, and have also been featured on TV many times for their “Naked Gardening Day.” So I met with Carla and Guy, the nudists who were very nice people. After the observations, we talked for hours about life and how important it is to be free and become who we wish to be, regardless of what society says. It was defiantly an experience I will never forget.

In my high school, for one of my senior projects, (2012) I had to create a vacation with 750 dollars and give a presentation with the things I did, what I ate, etc. I never heard of Moab until then, and as I was doing the project I was hearing of it constantly. In my project I came to Moab for a week and went skydiving, rafted, and camped. When graduation came around, my sister told me she was going to help her friend move out west for a bit. Coincidentally, she was helping him move to Moab, Utah. She ended up staying there because she loved it so much. Strange coincidence or what?? She had also never heard of it before my project.

So after Grand Junction, I started on the road again. 250 miles of desert… BRING IT ON! I put the top down in my VW, filled a bowl of water in the back for my dog, and off we went in search of the second most scenic route in North America, route 128. Before the real great scenery started, we drove through a ghost town of Cisco. It has the smallest post office in the U.S., and that’s about it besides the Green River and some train tracks. It was going to be the capital at one point. Obviously that didn’t happen.

When we started to get into the canyons, it was the most beautiful landscape I ever seen… and I’ve seen a lot. 150 miles of a very curvy road that followed the Colorado River. Deep red rock cliffs on both sides of me with the occasional rock formation. Once I got to Moab, I found my sisters house. I’ve been staying here for about a week now. Doing my school work, as well as hiking, going on 4×4 tours with my sisters boyfriend, (they own a company of 4×4 tours) and venturing off on the Colorado River. When my sister does her office hours, I do my school work. I’ve been really good about it, not procrastinating or anything, but any chance I get, we’re going off into the desert, or hanging out with the locals. Everyone who lives here are very adventurous people, mostly guides for white water rafting (that’s what my sister did before she was with Xtreme4x4Tours) hiking, repelling, slack line, zip line, skydiving, you name it, they do it. I have figured out that you can tell the locals from the tourists by their tan. All the locals have sunglasses tan, and the tourists are usually just burnt.

There is a such a great history of the Native Americans here, too. There are petroglyphs that are 1200 years old everywhere, but you have to know where to look, and stone piles up in the rocks where they used to store their food by the river, and deeper in the canyon, you can see their homes that are built into mini caves..Very deep in the desert there are little shacks that are very hidden. Cowboys used to hide in them! Real cowboys, and there are still things in them, salt shakers, spoons, etc. I have an assignment coming up that I would like to do on the Native Americans here, the Kokopelli! I also did my Meteorology exam and passed it with flying colors, I’m good with my CEP class. I haven’t really hit any challenges yet, besides resisting all the great Mexican food! Its really cool to be able to compare what I am learning in my Meteorology class, and put it to real life use here. Many different types of scientists and geologists come here to study the area. I don’t know exactly how long I’ll be staying here, but I think I’ll be here for a little bit.

Weekly Yoga Classes!



Phi Theta Kappa Hosts Third Annual “Bake for a Cure”


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Genesee Community College’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society hosted their third annual “Bake for a Cure” event this afternoon, Thursday October 17th on campus. With the help of our members, the adviser and officer team set up a booth in the forum and sold tasty treats throughout the afternoon. Attracting hungry students and teachers alike, our annual bake sale was a huge success and we were able to raise well over $300! One hundred percent of the proceeds will be donated directly to Genesee Cancer Assistance, a local organization that provides aid for those affected by cancer and their loved ones.

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Tasty treats in the forum!

In addition to our baked goods, we also sold raffle tickets for donated baskets and items. Our donated raffle items included gift cards, gift baskets, jewelry, and a beautiful pink ribbon quilt handmade by lung cancer survivor Deb Levinstein.

Handmade quilt donated by Deb Levinstein.

Handmade quilt donated by Deb Levinstein.

The raffle drawing will take place at our November lunch meeting and the winners will be contacted. Thank you to everyone who donated raffle items, baked items for the sale, helped set up, and volunteered their time to work at our booth. A special thanks goes out to everyone who participated to make this year’s event a success!

Assignment Number One


This fall I began my first semester at GCC; after what felt like the blink of an eye, summer came to an end and I found myself searching out an open seat in class. One of my most anticipated classes–Fashion, Trends and Design–proved itself deserving of my high hopes.  Within the first week I already felt immersed in the world of fashion: we explored color trends, discussed the ever-ambiguous definition of “Sportswear,” and were exposed to the high-paced thrill of design.

For our first assignment, each student created an original T-Shirt design; the only boundaries being our target market and our imaginations. Immediately my mind began to take off in many directions, seeking possibly inspiration for my design.  In the end I found myself enthralled with an unlikely candidate—burlap.  I couldn’t get out of my mind an image I’d recently seen at a wedding: coarse, unyielding burlap wrapped around the stems of elegant, soft Roses. The beauty behind the juxtaposition of the primitive burlap material with the natural grace of the roses spoke to me and truly inspired my design.

The main features of my design are the burlap bows affixed to the shoulders and the princess seam-style trim.  In each feature I attempted, respectively, to translate my inspiration by using a stiff material to create a soft, gentle bow, and by adding structure to what would otherwise by a soft, flowing garment. 

After completing week 1, I feel confident that the rest of the semesters’ classes will continue to challenge me creatively and help assimilate us fashion students into the cutthroat industry that we all love. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the next weeks!

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