Inside the World of Modeling


Inside the World of Modeling

by Emma McKenna Fashion Business Student and Freelance Model


model 2In anticipation of the 38th annual fashion show, and as an experienced model since the age of 16, I wanted to write this blog to introduce you to the inside world of modeling. Modeling in the fashion industry can be stressful, demanding and time consuming. Additionally, models have the expectation of behaving in a certain manner while promoting a brand. There are freelance (independent) models and industry models who are endorsed by a brand. The difference between industry models and myself is that I am freelance. Freelance models pay for photo shoots up front, and generate income by selling the images, while industry models are compensated upfront for their photoshoots, time, and incidentals, but they do not own the images.

model 1This year’s fashion show is “Limitless”, meaning nothing is restricted. One of the greatest things about this show is the coordinators are using models of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and race.  This is extremely important because it broadens the idea for outfits and designs as well as includes everyone who wants a chance in the show. I modeled in last year’s show, and it was an amazing experience!


In conclusion, this year’s show is all about being yourself and letting your creativity flow. The 38th Annual GCC Fashion Show will be on May 4th, 2018 in the Richard C. Call Arena at 7 pm. This is going to be a big year for GCC’s Fashion Program and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store! Look for me on the runway!

Model Auditions February 12th & 13th


The fashion show planning has begun! We are kicking of the year with a great start and as each day passes the anticipation builds for the most exciting event at GCC. The 32nd annual fashion show, Fashion Forward, is on Saturday April 27th. There will be an afternoon show at 3:00 and an evening show at 7:00.

Are you interested in being a part of Western New York’s largest fashion show? Model auditions will be held on Tuesday February 12th from 11:00-2:00 and Wednesday February 13th from 11:00-2:00. Anyone is welcome to come strut their stuff in front of the scene producers. There are currently 12 scenes in the show, with each scene consisting of 15-25 models that’s up to 300 models!

If you are interested in being involved please join us at the forum stage and dress to impress. We will be interested in your appearance, walk, and poses, so please be prepared to walk for a set judges. We will be asking for all models to have availibilty on Friday April 26th from 3:00-8:00 and all day Saturday April 27th. We may also need models to meet for fittings based on scene selection.

The scene producers will be making their model selection the following week and we will post our selections by D260. If anyone is not chosen for the show please don’t take it personally. Based on my experience, as a model and a fashion show producer, I know the hardship people face when being turned down for a modeling job but it may have nothing to do with appearance. I have had to turn down beautiful models because they are too small to wear my merchandise. So once again don’t be upset, specific merchandise requires certain body types. There will always be another show where you could be the perfect model.

If anyone is unable to make model auditions please contact me, Samantha Vogt. My email is Anyone auditioning who is not a student at GCC can contact my personal email I will need your contact information, height, age, size, location and a few pictures so the scene producers have an idea of your appearance. One head shot along with a few body shots would be the most preferable. In addition to the photos, if you have any other modeling experiences please list those as well.

We are looking for a large variety of models male, female, children, adults, tall, short, curvy, thin, etc. So please audition even if you are not the typical 6 foot size 00 models seen on TV. If you are beautiful and can work it on the runway, you are exactly who we are looking for.

I will be looking forward to everyone auditioning this week and I cannot wait to see everyone work it!