Get to Know the Resident Assistants (RA’s): Part 1


To let other students, residents, faculty, staff and anyone else that may be interested in coming to College Village, I recently asked all the RA’s a few questions.  The questions that the RA’s were asked to answer included:

Why did you choose Genesee Community College?

What is your major?

Why did you decide to apply to be a Resident Assistant (RA)?

What Residence Hall are you in charge of?

What is a typical day in the life of an RA include for you?

What would you consider to be a good day?  Or what would make a day good for you?

What was your favorite game as a child?

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite season?

What do you like to do in your spare time?

This is how RA Lacey responded:

This is when she did her relief volunteer work.

This is when she did her relief volunteer work.

RA Lacey

I chose GCC because it was close enough to home, but far enough away to have my own independence.

My major here, just general studies, but I will be transferring for Emergency and Disaster Management.

I applied to be a RA because I wanted to make a difference. I also wanted to show people how to have that craved “college experience” without departing from the values they had before college, and partaking in things that might not exactly be safe. It can happen, and it makes your college experience so much fun.

I am in charge of Willow Hall or I building.

My typical day as a RA is basically like any other college student; I get up way too early for my liking. I go to class, do homework and eat the lovely cafeteria food. The only major difference is that I need to make sure I am constantly available to my residents or even other residents. Sometimes I have office hours or night duty shifts, but the main thing is that I need to make sure that I am ready for any situation at any point in time. It keeps you on your toes!

As for what a good day consists of: hmm, that is a tough question. I think a good day really depends on your attitude and your perspective on the situations you are dealing with. It can be the most trying day, but if you have a positive mindset, it will all work out.

My favorite game as a child was Life.

Today, my favorite food is cheese and crackers. It changes depending on my mood, ha-ha.

My favorite season is Winter.

What I like to do in my spare time is hang out with my friends, listen to music or go for walks. I’ve also recently discovered the thrill of jumping off water falls. It’s amazing!



RA Joey responded with:

RA Joey

This basically shows his personality!

This basically shows his personality!

Choosing GCC was a big decision for me. To leave home for the first time, away from my parents. I prayed about it a lot, and I knew that this was the direction God wanted me to take. He proves that to me a lot now.

I am a Digital Arts/Fine Arts Major.

Applying to be a RA was also a big decision. I already had a job, and was taking 19 credits, I mean the obvious answer was no. And that is what I told my current boss; Ellen Brokaw that it would be too much and I can’t do it. About 3 hours later I was on the phone with her telling her that I had rethought my opinion, and the next day I was an RA. God also proves to me frequently that this was a good decision.

I am in charge of B building (Beech).

A typical day for me;  I get up, and I typically read my Bible. Then I go to the kitchen in search of food, and a caffeine source. Then it’s off to classes followed by office hours. This is where we sort mail, file papers, or anything that the staff needs us to do. Then I eat some dinner, which is either a salad or an entire bag of microwave vegetables. After that, I either go on duty (where I go on rounds, and distribute flyers.) or I do homework. Then it’s off to the upstairs, where I hang out with friends, and watch B-movies.

A good day is every day. A day is what it is, and you can take things positively, or negatively. All we got is today, so I say make it count.

My favorite game as a child was, Zelda: The Ocarina of Time!!! Reminds me of my best friend/my sister.

My favorite food are peanut butter tacos, with cream cheese.

My favorite season is Fall.

In my spare time I drink Chai tea, read books, play games, hang out with friends, listen to music, and create stuff.



RA Matt responded this way:

RA Matt

You can see him smiling around campus more so.

You can see him smiling around campus more so.

I didn’t choose Genesee Community College, Genesee chose me; I came here as a transfer student from another school wanting a fresh start and things just seemed to work out in my favor.

My major is Communications.

I decided to apply for the RA position because I wanted to have a positive impact on my school community and make new friends and the RA position seemed like the perfect avenue to accomplish both.

I am in charge of the Pine residence hall also known as D building.

A typical day in the life of a RA for me includes performing any jobs that need to be done around the office and/or campus; processing mail, hanging flyers, making flyers, distributing packages to resident’s, tending to any incident’s that may occur, giving tours to potential college village resident’s and attending to any questions or concerns resident’s may have.

A good day for me would be if everything went as smooth as expected and things maintained proper order.

My favorite game as a child was Super Mario Bros.

My favorite food is macaroni & cheese.

My favorite season is Spring.

In my spare time I enjoy writing/recording my own music.

Tracey Ashley/Open Mic Night


Known for her seamless story-telling, sharp topical material and hilarious punchlines Tracey Ashley is a comedian on the rise.  Tracey performs on college campus and comedy clubs across the country.  Becoming an instant college favorite, Tracey was nominated by Campus Activities Magazine as Best Female Performer for her rave reviews of performances.   Tracey was a semi-finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing 5 and has appeared as a co-host on TVLANDS Prime Movies. Entertaining audiences with the ups and downs of her world, Tracey Ashley comedy is hilarious, endearing and all around fun to watch. She has also performed on Wanda Sykes presents Herlarious.  She has also been on OWNNetwork.  You can follow Tracey on Twitter –

Even though she is a comedian who has had many great opportunities and has traveled all over, she is just a normal person and portrays that through her comedy.  She had the whole audience cracking up with every joke.

After her performance, there was Open Mic Night where a local band performed.  Bobby Skrzypek, Greg Brennan, Nichole Murtha, and Jared Diehl performed first.

Local band

Local band

Willie Jakes and Julio Morales swapped out with Nichole and Jared.  After they all performed it was just Bobby and Julio.

Local band

Local band

To wrap up the night Bobby performed by himself.  He is also part of another band; Bobby Skrzypek And The Pedestrians.

Bobby rocking out on the Steel Drum

Bobby rocking out on the Steel Drum

Bobby on the Ukulele

Bobby on the Ukulele

Matt Attack at Genesee

Students listening intently to presentation.

Students listening intently to presentation.

Diversity According to South Park and Family Guy- Matt Glowacki

Matt Glowakci is one of the greatest guys I know.  He was born with no legs, but that doesn’t stop him from living his life and being happy.  He has the best personality and outlook on life, that you wouldn’t even be able to tell that he is missing his legs.  My favorite story of his, that demonstrates this is the one night that he went out to dinner with his wife.  They were eating dinner, and Matt had said something inappropriate and all of sudden he flys back from the table.  He asks his wife what that was for, and she responded ‘I’m sorry, I was trying to kick your legs, but I forgot you didn’t have any.’

Diversity is a learning process.  Take the time to get to know someone before you judge someone.

Matt talked about how he never works a day in his life because he does what he loves.  He loves speaking; he does 180 shows a year all over.  He loves music; he has a DJ business where he sends DJ’s out to where they are needed.  He also has a wheel chair business where he makes custom wheelchairs.  He makes all of his wheelchairs, and he has also made many wheelchairs for Special Olympic athletes.

He also showed many television statistics, for example half the amount of homes have two or 3 TVs, and other shocking ones.

South Park and Family Guy are designed to be offensive.  In the Family Guy theme song it even says what the show is going to teach to viewers.

With everything in the world that we see on magazines, billboards, commercials, etc. it’s hard for many people to understand what beautiful really is.  Just be yourself, and love who you are.  Lookism, is the term for judging someone base on their looks.  Companies use fear, uncertainty, doubt, to sell products.   Young girls are hating their body weight because of what they see on TV, with how the models, and celebrities look.  They also play with Barbie dolls, and Bratz dolls, whose body proportions wouldn’t even be realistic on an actual human being.  Many companies have produce fake advertising and consumers see that and they make it out to be real.  Many companies will take someone, put them in the companies clothes, makeup, have a photo shoot but then photoshop all the flaws that they don’t like and advertise that fake person.

Racism, is also still a part of people’s daily lives.  One thing Matt told us, was that we have been conditioned to treat disabled people better, for example, always opening the door for them.  Try not to be ignorant towards the issues of racism.  He also spoke to us about how a word is just a word until someone says it’s a bad word.  Intent + Context = Interpretation.

Talk to your friends about diversity.  If you see something say something, stand up for people’s rights.  If your friend says something you don’t agree with tell them “I’m sorry, but when you say things like that it is hard to be your friend.”  Don’t give control of your feelings to a person who has no role in your life.

Some final tips Matt left us with are:

If you are in the bathroom, and if you can use the smaller stall because 7% of the time someone will need the handicapp stall when you may be in it.

Walk around open and curious, you will have a better time in life, most of the time, if you do.

Why not do the work to be happy.

You can visit Matt at his website, add him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter,

Telling a story about one of the colleges he visited.

Telling a story about one of the colleges he visited.


Saxophone man

Saxophone man

Matt Corey Nighttime Live and Open Mic Night

Saxophonist Matt Corey has traveled the world with a high energy show that features music you wouldn’t expect to hear from a saxophone. It’s an amazing show with the saxophone playing the role of the singer. Covering everybody from Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake to Jay Z and Michael Jackson. Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, and even Country! Matt was nominated “Best Music Act of 2012” by Campus Activities Magazine. London Theatre Guide singled out his performance as lead role in sequel to the Emmy and Tony winning Broadway spectacular Blast! as “Exquisite!”

He has been featured as a soloist at the Queens Theatre in London, Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center, Sixthman’s 311 Carribean Cruise and Rock Boat, and hundreds of colleges and military bases nationwide. Matt Corey was named Campus Activities “Male Solo Artist of the Year” in 2011, 2012, & 2013!

Matt Corey has also been featured as an opener for Joe Walsh of the Eagles, Comic Legend Gallagher, American Idol Bo Bice, George Benson, Dave Koz, Trombone Shorty, Third Eye Blind, O.A.R., Mike Posner, Far East Movement, B.O.B. and many more. Matt has also toured as a member of both the Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey Orchestras.

Matt Corey is amazing on the saxophone, but I guess he should be seeing as how he has been playing since 5th grade, and still in his twenties.  He can pretty much play anything.  He did Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, a song by Michael Jackson, a song by Bruno Mars and more.  Matt is a great guy to have fun with.  You can follow Matt on Twitter,

After he was done playing we had Open Mic Night where a local band performed, and they were great.  Matt even joined in on one of their songs.  Bobby Skrzypek, Jared Diehl, Willie Jakes, Greg Brennan, were the great guys who made up the local band.  Bobby is also part of a separate band, Bobby Skrzypek and The Pedestrians.

Matt Corey assisted a local band in a song they were performing.

Matt Corey assisted a local band in a song they were performing.

Posing with Matt Corey's belt.

Posing with Matt Corey’s belt.

Matt Corey & Open Mic Night

September Events


What is happening down at College Village for the rest of September?

There is Checkers King and Queen at 8 pm in the Basement Monday, September 23rd.  Can you reign supreme?

The Roommate Game at 7 pm in the Basement Wednesday, September 25th.  How well do you know your roommate?

The Birthday Party for all of those who have birthdays in August and September can come to the Basement Thursday, September 26th at 6pm and meet other birthday people and have pizza on us.

Karaoke Night will be happening Friday, September 27th in the Basement from 9 pm-1 am.  Come sing your heart out all night long.

Saturday Getaway to Letchworth State Park will happen Saturday, September 28th, bus leaves at 1 pm from the office.  If you are a resident who wants to go on this trip make sure to sign up prior to Saturday in the RA office.

*Only residents at College Village can attend the events listed above, or if you sign in with a College Village Resident.

Leadership Kick-off Luncheon


September 19th was a day for students to enjoy a free lunch and learn how to improve their life skills.  Once everyone got settled in and were able to get their lunch Cliff Scutella, Director of Student Activities began the presentation.  He introduced the staff who made the lunch possible and will be helping students along in their leadership journey: Jennifer Newell, Dean of Students, Kristen Mruk, Assistant Director of Student Activities, and Laura Keenan and Kathy Pyzik, who are both Technical Assistants of Student Activities.

Students getting the first chance to sign up for this semester's workshops and clases.

Students getting the first chance to sign up for this semester’s workshops and clases.

This was how easy it was for students to get a free mug after the luncheon.

This was how easy it was for students to get a free mug after the luncheon.

He then continued on with the slide show  “Leadership identifies people who want to enhance their skills.”  Learning and leadership are indispensable.  Students who want to pursue the Leadership Certificate may want to make a difference, get involved, and put themselves ahead.  This certificate will be listed on a student’s transcript and future schools and employers can see it as well.  Earning the certificate is a personal benefit because it is on file to take with you, and shows your contributions and efforts while at GCC.

In the spring if you have earned the certificate you will be recognized at the Awards Banquet.  It is very simple to earn; you need 10 core units, 10 leadership units, for 20 units total to earn the certificate.  Let me break the units down.

The Lead 100 class is a one time, 90 minute class that is offered four times this semester about your life and leadership, which equals 3 units.  Then you have to choose a Capstone Course, which could be something you are already doing; RA, Orientation Leader, AEG, Human Services Major, Fashion Business Major, etc., if you are not part of one of the listed groups you can take the Lead 200 class which is a one-time 90 minute course, now you’re at 6 units!  Then add your experience in leadership; service, student leadership position, internship, student volunteering, or create your own; you are now at 9 units. You can then take Lead 300, the Leadership Certificate Portfolio, which is a presentation that you make to show how your experience translates into leadership; you now have 10 units.  You’re half way there!

Each workshop that you attend counts as 1 unit.  The workshops are 60-90 minutes during common hour throughout the year, they are not tedious but they will push you and help your learning process.  To sign up for them you can stop down at the Student Activities office. All of the workshops are free to attend.  You can start attending workshops whenever you are able, but in order for the workshops to count towards the certificate you must fill out an application and sign up and attend a Lead 100 course. Student Activities will track your workshops electronically after doing so.  (You can email Student Activities at  Cliff wrapped up the presentation with the quote; “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” by Harold R. McAlindon.

Students liking Student Activities and GCC Leadership pages to get a free mug.

Students liking Student Activities and GCC Leadership pages to get a free mug.

Personally, I have earned the Leadership Certificate, and it was so easy and fun to do.  All the workshops are made to be fun but also teaches you life skills, for example, how to think creatively, succeed by failing fast and often, how to manage your time, and many other great workshops with great faculty and staff members.  If nothing else, do this for yourself! It will only make you a better person and you will rise above the competition.