What GCC means to me.


Genesee Community College is my second home. If you met me today you would never know I used to be extremely shy, or have a problem making friends. I believe GCC has had a huge impact on me and deserves a lot of credit for who I am today.

Prior to college, I had a hard time in school. I didn’t fit in well and didn’t have to many friends. I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere. In the Fall of 2012, I enrolled at GCC and became a full time student. I was very nervous but also extremely excited. It was a brand new start for me.

My first semester I learned about the leadership certificate program, and thought it was an awesome way for me to enhance my leadership skills. I also felt like it was a good first step in meeting new people and getting myself out there. Then my second semester I learned about Alpha Epsilon Gamma, the service sorority on campus. I was really skeptical at first because I really wasn’t sure I would fit in, or that anyone would like me but I decided to give it a try.

Joining AEG and the leadership certificate program opened so many doors for me. I made a numerous amount of friends, and not just acquaintances, real friends that I can depend on. I had the opportunity to work in the Dean of Students office as a work study, join the GCCA board, become orientation leader and so much more. That is when I realized GCC stopped feeling like school and more like a second home.

I got to chose classes I was interested in and met so many of the awesome faculty on campus. I never had so many professors that cared how I did and would go the extra mile to see me succeed. If I was having a hard time, they would help me or send me somewhere I could get help. They encouraged me and it was a really great feeling.

Like I said GCC has become a second home. I made a place for myself here and because of that I have become more outgoing and confident. I believe that anyone who wants to can find their place as well. There are so many different clubs and organizations on campus that anyone can find something that interests them.

So, I would like to say thank you to all of the people at GCC that have pushed me, helped me, and molded me into the person I am today. For those who feel like they don’t fit in, look a little harder because I guarantee if you do you will find your place too.

Leadership Kick-off Luncheon


September 19th was a day for students to enjoy a free lunch and learn how to improve their life skills.  Once everyone got settled in and were able to get their lunch Cliff Scutella, Director of Student Activities began the presentation.  He introduced the staff who made the lunch possible and will be helping students along in their leadership journey: Jennifer Newell, Dean of Students, Kristen Mruk, Assistant Director of Student Activities, and Laura Keenan and Kathy Pyzik, who are both Technical Assistants of Student Activities.

Students getting the first chance to sign up for this semester's workshops and clases.

Students getting the first chance to sign up for this semester’s workshops and clases.

This was how easy it was for students to get a free mug after the luncheon.

This was how easy it was for students to get a free mug after the luncheon.

He then continued on with the slide show  “Leadership identifies people who want to enhance their skills.”  Learning and leadership are indispensable.  Students who want to pursue the Leadership Certificate may want to make a difference, get involved, and put themselves ahead.  This certificate will be listed on a student’s transcript and future schools and employers can see it as well.  Earning the certificate is a personal benefit because it is on file to take with you, and shows your contributions and efforts while at GCC.

In the spring if you have earned the certificate you will be recognized at the Awards Banquet.  It is very simple to earn; you need 10 core units, 10 leadership units, for 20 units total to earn the certificate.  Let me break the units down.

The Lead 100 class is a one time, 90 minute class that is offered four times this semester about your life and leadership, which equals 3 units.  Then you have to choose a Capstone Course, which could be something you are already doing; RA, Orientation Leader, AEG, Human Services Major, Fashion Business Major, etc., if you are not part of one of the listed groups you can take the Lead 200 class which is a one-time 90 minute course, now you’re at 6 units!  Then add your experience in leadership; service, student leadership position, internship, student volunteering, or create your own; you are now at 9 units. You can then take Lead 300, the Leadership Certificate Portfolio, which is a presentation that you make to show how your experience translates into leadership; you now have 10 units.  You’re half way there!

Each workshop that you attend counts as 1 unit.  The workshops are 60-90 minutes during common hour throughout the year, they are not tedious but they will push you and help your learning process.  To sign up for them you can stop down at the Student Activities office. All of the workshops are free to attend.  You can start attending workshops whenever you are able, but in order for the workshops to count towards the certificate you must fill out an application and sign up and attend a Lead 100 course. Student Activities will track your workshops electronically after doing so.  (You can email Student Activities at sa@genesee.edu).  Cliff wrapped up the presentation with the quote; “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” by Harold R. McAlindon.

Students liking Student Activities and GCC Leadership pages to get a free mug.

Students liking Student Activities and GCC Leadership pages to get a free mug.

Personally, I have earned the Leadership Certificate, and it was so easy and fun to do.  All the workshops are made to be fun but also teaches you life skills, for example, how to think creatively, succeed by failing fast and often, how to manage your time, and many other great workshops with great faculty and staff members.  If nothing else, do this for yourself! It will only make you a better person and you will rise above the competition.