Welcome Keith Compton and his Inaugural Adult Student Blog!


Keith Compton relaxing in the GCC Library

Keith is a returning adult student who is pursuing a Business Administration degree. He graduated from Kendall in 1977. From there to a summer job in Pittsburg then out into the world. As he describes it, “I dove head first into life’s pool and touched all four sides way more than once!” When I asked Keith where he’s from he replied, “Go ahead and name a place Donna, if you’re not right on the money you won’t have missed by much!” Keith’s last port of call was Dallas, Texas where he and his wife owned a commercial subcontracting business for a number of years. During this time Keith had the opportunity to cross paths with some very interesting people, Ross Perrot, Mark Cuban, and Mary Kay to name a few.

When asked to describe himself Keith replied, “But Donna what about the PG rating? Hey take it easy.  I suppose you could say I’m a unique blend derived from a combination of many varied people, places, and experiences. I’m a life taster and I hold my legs totally responsible for it. They’re been forever dragging me in front of something else to see or do.”

In his spare time you’ll find Keith either next to, in or on the water. Fishing is his passion. “It’s where I go to clean my slate. It’s my fortress of solitude and my calling. I’ve known it since a young age. The only thing that tops that is taking someone along who would rarely or never go and sharing it with them, showing them how.” Keith also enjoys building “things”, playing euchre till the sun comes up, writing, taking sunrise and sunset photos, “picking” with a good friend of his, listening to old school Motown rhythm and blues, and as he puts it, “stinking up a kitchen.” As some of you are aware by now Keith is quite the accomplished cook.

When I asked Keith what his plans after graduating are he replied, “Where am I headed? My brain tells me I’ve options available now that I wouldn’t have dared dreamed just a few years ago, nothing definitive on the horizon.  Truth be told though my hearts been telling me I’m already there. Time will let me know. It lets us all know.”

College Success Series, Part One: GO TO CLASS.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

And so passes the first week of classes. How’s it going for you?

Things have been pretty hectic the entire month of August, at least for me and the College Village staff! We’ve been working very hard to try and make this academic year a fun and safe one, and we hope you’ll like all of the neat things we’ve got in store for you.

But when everything is said and done, don’t forget that, ultimately? Your success or failure in college is entirely up to you. Entering college gives you a shocking amount of personal responsibility that you need to grasp on to, and that can be pretty overwhelming if you’re not used to it.

Now, don’t get me wrong; we have many people here who are willing to assist you should you need it. But at the end of the day, it’s what you choose to do with your time and resources that will determine if your school year (and college career) will be a great one.

So, that being said? I’m going to spend a few posts talking about success at college. This first one is somewhat long, and it’s serious – but it’s also important. (Let’s get the serious bits out of the way first.) Jump the cut for more. Continue reading