Get to Know Your Scene Coordinators!


38th Annual Fashion Show Saturday May 4th, 2019 in the Richard C. Call Arena

As the 38th Annual Fashion Show gets closer and closer each scene coordinator is hard at work putting together looks, music and choreography. This week we will be featuring Kali Nichols who will be coordinating ‘Electricity’!

Can you explain how your scene will tie into “Limitless”?

“My scene will tie into the theme “Limitless” this year because I will be putting my own ideas and creations into the clothing.”

What season is your scene? And why did you choose that time of year?

“The season is Summer because of the metallic colors, glitter and shine being used.”

What is the inspiration behind the scene?

“My inspiration behind Electricity was just to have my own scene that really spoke to me. I’m excited to show everyone my scene and what I created!”

Make sure to follow GCC Fashion Program to get all updates! Get your tickets at VIP- $25, General Admission-$5

Twitter-@trendygcc and Instagram-@gccfashionprogram

And follow the blog to get sneak peaks of scenes and updates for the show!

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