Catching Up With Finance Committee!


There is a lot of work that goes into a fashion show, our students are doing an excellent job of working together and creating an entertaining show that everyone will enjoy. One of our five committees that create the show is finance, a very important department where they balance the budget and put together the final program.

The Finance group is small but mighty with Larry and Becca, they are putting together donations that have been coming in the past few weeks. Finalizing the program, putting in all of the people and business patrons that generously donated. Another major responsibility is preparing and collecting basket raffles and making sure there are a variety of different themes for each basket. As the show is getting closer everyone participating is working hard and getting stuff done!

Make sure to buy your tickets on! Follow all of our social media Twitter-@trendygcc and Instagram-@gccfashionprogram for more updates on the show.

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