Get to Know Your Scene Coordinators!


All of our scene coordinators are hard at work, preparing for the fashion show “Limitless”. With a combination of stylists, upcycling and designers this years show is going to be full of innovative and inclusive garments walking down the runway. Each scene coordinator is taking the theme and adding what ‘Limitless’ means to them; putting together looks and choreographing how the models will walk is all apart of the process. Each coordinator is very excited to show off their looks on May 4th, till then get to know the people behind the scenes!

Jewel Watters- “Promise”

Can you explain how your scene will tie into “Limitless”?

My scene will tie into limitless because, this show is all about having no boundaries and being inclusive. My scene will feature 20 models with all ethnicity, and body size.

What season is your scene? And why did you choose that time of year?

My scene will be taking place in the Winter season. I chose Winter because, I’ve always thought weddings taken place in the winter was extremely beautiful because of the snow, scenery, and the color palette for the dresses and suits.

What is the inspiration behind the scene?

The inspiration behind my scene is what you usually envision when you think of having a winter wedding. I think it’s the most beautiful time of the year and will turn into a really beautiful scene.

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If you are interested in purchasing tickets go to VIP $25 General Admission $5

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