Amerikuh Defined



What does “Amerikuh” mean in your own words?

I decided to name my scene “Amerikuh” based on the Palmer Trading Company’s past campaign titled the same, with all of the current events going on in America; whether that be politics, music, or religion. Their slogan is  “All Of Us Belong” I felt it fit perfectly with what I wanted to convey to the audience because we all want a sense that we fit somewhere in today’s society.



What are your design influences?

I am really obsessed with Europe’s fashion scene particularly London, I just love that British menswear is so classic and innovating with clean lines. My design influences are Dries Van Noten, Ray Kelvin for Ted Baker, Christopher Bailey for Burberry, and Alessandro Michele for Gucci and of course I have tons more but these are my top 10 lol.


What are your future career plans beyond GCC?

I plan to transfer to South Dakota State University to finish my Bachelors of Science in Apparel Merchandising and study aboard in London to earn my Master’s Degree in Menswear design.


By: Arion Bashir

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