The Power Behind Acrimonious!




When asked the simple question, “what is fashion to you?”, I automatically think of my very own personal style. I would have to say that my style is pretty edgy mostly because I’m never seen without wearing all black and a leather jacket. Upon creating my scene for this years 35th Annual Fashion Show, I had to make sure it was super edgy, sexy and dark using the only colors of black and gold. That’s how I came up with “Acrimonious” for my scene name.


My clothes for my scene consist of actual clothing pieces from my closet, clothing and accessories from Kohl’s in Batavia and having the extremely talented Erin Nesmith make an entire outfit. I was very specific with what looks I wanted for my scene and I’m so excited to finally showcase them on the runway in only a couple of weeks! As I am identified as the scene coordinator for “Acrimonious”, I would not have been able to put it all together without the help of Erin Nesmith, Matt Wagner who is my scene assistance, Nyla Council who drew an amazing picture for my backdrop and of course all of my beautiful models.


As much as I want to keep talking about my scene, I don’t want to give too much information away because I want to leave it as a surprise for everyone watching the day of the show! I am so anxious and excited for April 30th to be here and I know everyone that is involved in this years fashion show is too. So attend GCC’s 35th Annual Fashion Show and watch everyone’s handwork and scenes come to life! You won’t want to miss this amazing event.

-Kate Trowse




“My name is Matthew and I will be working with Kate Trowse on her scene, I will be helping with the hair and makeup portion of her scene and will also be making sure all the models are runway ready! Makeup is such a passion of mine because it can really make a person come alive! Just by adding some coverage and color to a face can really make a person stand out and look their best. I want to bring my techniques to the table to help Kate make her scene the best it can be and I have no doubt that we will have a killer show!”

-Matthew Wagner

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