Fun In Winter


Talking about living in Batavia, snowing is a big topic when it’s winter. There’s definitely some inconvenience in winter because of the snow. However, “snowing is an attempt of God to make the dirty world look clean”. So there’s definitely a lot of fun which people can do in winter when it snows. Since the winter doesn’t want to leave here still, let’s talk about the fun in winter.



Go ice skating


Go snowshoeing


Have a snow ball fight


Build a snowman


Go sledding


Make a snow angel


Build a snow fort

Batavia is a small town with a lot of snow in winter, so there can be a lot of fun here actually. But some people are afraid of the cold, so they probably don’t want to go out. Don’t worry! This is your perfect time to have some fun with families and friends together.


Bake cookies and share


Have some hot cocoa and chat


Make a batch of chili for dinner


Make a warm and cheesy casserole


Pop open a bottle of champagne and have a movie night


Curl up under blankets with a good book

Winter is with a lot of snow and bad weather maybe. But winter is also the time for comfort, for good food, for some company from families and friends. The warmth you get from a talk next to the fire is always warmer than only the fire. Feel stressed so far? It is the time for some love.

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