Time to Get Down to Business


I have breaking news for you today! My business classes at Genesee Community College have been so marvelous, and inspired me so much, that I’m starting a business! “What kind of business?”,  you may ask. Well, I’m more than happy to answer that question. For the past few weeks I have been busy crafting resin jewelry, and just this week I excitedly entered the realm of decoden. “What’s decoden??”, some of you might say. Well, here’s an explanatory picture:


Anyways, I will be selling resin jewelry, decoden phone cases, compact mirrors, handheld game console cases, and contact lens cases, and in the very near future I plan on expanding into cameos and rings. I will be putting together an online shop shortly (I’ll keep you posted), and i hope to also sell products physically at local events/conventions. This is incredibly exciting for me, and something that I have always wanted to do. Without further ado, check out some pictures of what I have going thus far!

imageimageimageimageLots more in progress!!imageimageThis case was made for my sister.imageThis one, is a gift for my mom.imageThis one is for me!


imageAnd here is a cute Steampunk/Victorian one that doesn’t have a home yet.

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

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