Staying in Creative Shape


The purpose of today’s blog is to explore healthy ways to stay in creative shape. This is important to me because I really like the arts, but my field of study is science and math based. I’ve spent a lot of time doing homework over the past few weeks, and no time in enjoying my hobbies, like photography and graphic design. So I’m writing this blog to myself and others who want to find small ways to stay in creative shape until you have time for that next masterpiece.

My Career and Education Planning textbook described something called “free association” as an ability that allows people to focus while not being entertained by the internet, a movie, television, a cell phone, Snapchat…etc. Drawing in a coloring book, having a face to face (not video chat) conversation, and making things with your hands are ways that we can free associate. Free association is a type of focusing ability that’s required to stimulate creative juices. So the less amount of time we spent behind a screen, the more we cultivate out creativity. Yea!

The next thing that helps to build and maintain creativity is doing weird things! Art doesn’t always make sense, and it doesn’t seem to have any boundaries or formulas. It’s subjective. What may be weird to one may be cool to someone else. Also, sometimes doing things that don’t seem normal can remove mental barriers that hold back true potential. So if you feel like going outside with two different colored socks on today, why not do it? It’s a safe way to express yourself creatively.

Here are some weird cell phone photos I’ve taken since school began.

IMG_15181 IMG_15791 IMG_15821 IMG_16381

The shadow of my hand, the ceiling, two iPhone 5c’s having a staring contest, and a fly. They’re nothing major, but still fun and interesting to me.

Going outside for a walk, picking flowers, bike riding, doodling, are some other small ways to free associate. Find something that pertains to your field of artistic interest. Make time to practice, and appreciate other’s artwork too. Do artistic activities with your friends. And most importantly, enjoy it!

See you next time!

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