So you wanna work for Disney?


CollegeProg_Home_Aug2_2003As promised, here’s a little summary of the Disney internship meeting I attended. Hopefully this will help those of you who weren’t able to attend, or who are still tossing the idea around!


Alright, time to consult my neon pink Walt Disney World College Program Frequently Asked Questions handout, or “What to know before you go.” Let me just highlight the most important information for you:

*The most current information on the Disney College Program can be found at

*All GCC students are eligible to participate, even if your program of study does not require an internship or cooperative education.

*You must be enrolled in classes at least part-time the semester PRIOR to participating.

*Participants must be in good academic standing, and have completed at least 24 credits.

*GCC suggests attending in your second year of study.

*Disney arranges interviews and hires interns twice a year.

*If you interview in the Fall and are selected, you can attend from January-March (Spring), or January-August (Spring Advantage). If you interview in the spring you can attend August-December (Fall), or May-December (Fall Advantage).

*If you need to be a full-time student due to financial aid or other reasons GCC can work with you, and offers many online classes.

*Walt Disney World offers many courses, however only some are accepted by GCC. Disney courses are FREE, and provide tremendous educational opportunities, and are great resume builders.

*The jobs offered are mainly entry level positions that Disney will train you for. A complete list is available on their website.

*Yes, you will get PAID.

*A $100 deposit is required when you accept a position, a $200 non-refundable housing/recreation deposit and the cost of transportation to and from Orlando is also an expense you will incur.

Keep Calm (Custom)

Curious to know even more? Maybe you want a first hand perspective? Check out this great blog post by Theme Park Princess, a veteran of the Disney college experience.

I really hope that this was helpful, and that it will inspire you to go for it, and chase the Disney dream! I can’t think of a more magical internship experience. disney-world

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