The Cafeteria is Back and Better Than Ever!


Over the summer my sister and I volunteered in an ESL class here at GCC, taught by Mr. Kia Banej. Every Tuesday and Thursday we would walk into the school, and check the cafeteria with anticipation. If you attended classes here this summer, than you know that the area with all of the dining stations was under construction until very recently. We had to make due with pop and little snacks from the vending machine, while we excitedly awaited the return of the dining stations for the Fall semester.

Now I am ecstatic to say, the food is back! I came in really early in the morning to score some pictures of the newly renovated area, before the big rush of students hit. imageimageimage

While all of the food offered here is exceptional, my favorite part has to be the salad bar. I’ve been getting a giant salad almost every day. Best part is (for me anyways) they offer fresh avocado, and lots of it!



imageOne of my typical salads…image

For those of you looking for a little sugary pick me up, have no fear; we have munchies to satisfy your junk food cravings as well!


Although I highly recommend salads… 😉image

Also, how many of you have seen these little flyers posted around the school? Disney internships, what could be better??! I will definitely be attending the meeting, and I’ll be sure to blog about it!imageP.S. It’s Paid!

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