Finding Your Way Around GCC


It’s week number two here at GCC, but if you’re like me, you might still be having some trouble finding your way around these hallowed halls of learning. Well, I’m here to help! As I’m sure you already know, the Batavia campus is divided into three floors. Each floor however is divided into sections: A, B, C, and D (sometimes E, S, and T). The placement of these sections remains the same on each level. Jutting out from the school’s main hub are the Genesee Center For The Arts (Stuart Steiner Theatre), and the Conable Technology Building, labelled as E and T respectively. Building S contains meeting rooms, and Student Service Activities offices.



On the college’s first floor you can find the Gymnasium, and Campus Bookstore in Building A. The Cafeteria, Health Services, Public Safety, the Adult Education Opportunity Center, and the Child Care Center are in Building B. A lot of administrative offices including the President’s Office can be found in Building C, and the Library and Marketing Communications are in Building D.

On floor two you can find all sorts of classrooms of course, but let me point out some of the big destinations. In Building A you can find the Fitness Center, and the Swimming Pool, in Building B, the Career Services Center, Photography Darkroom, and the Sleep Lab. Admissions, the Financial Aid Office, the Dean of Students, and the V.P. of Student Affairs can all be found in Building C, and the Tutoring Center, Center for Academic Progress, and the Testing Center are all located in Building D.

Finally, the third floor. In Building A you can find the Language Lab, and WGCC. Building B has the Social Sciences Division, and an interactive classroom, and Building D contains the Physiology Lab, Veterinary Technology Offices, and the Computer Services/ACE Career

This semester I’ve been really lucky, all of my classes are on the second floor, in Building D. A visitor’s guide, driving directions, and a map of the campus are all available HERE. Just in case you want to print out a copy of the map to keep on hand.

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