Tips for Getting “A”s in College


The new semester is here and classes are rolling. Teachers are giving students the intimidating yet all important “This is how it’s gonna’ be” speech,Male-Teacher-in-Classroom the bookstore line is zig-zagging out the back door, and students are drooling over our new cafeteria. The New Academic Year Hustle and Bustle (officially abbreviated N.A.Y.H.B.) is exciting, and I don’t think any other school does it better than Genesee Community College.

As for me, I’m taking 5 classes. Math, Biology, History, Career & Education Planning, and of course Sci-Fi. You can add that one to the list of unique courses that G.C.C. has to offer.Alien-006

My goal is always to get an A in all of my classes. Here are my top 7 tips for getting that done.


  • Make a Daily Schedule: Know what you have to do that day, and plan time for important task. It’s best if you do this the day or night before.
  • Get At Least 7 – 9 Hours of Sleep a Night: The science of sleep can be complicated, but simply put, the more you sleep, the more you memorize. Not to mention, good sleep habits keeps your immune system healthy.
  • Don’t ALWAYS Hang Out With Friends: Don’t get me wrong, a social life is needed! But too much fun and socializing can lead your focus away from your school work. So don’t forget why you are here.
  • OVER DUE Your Assignments: Meaning, impress your teachers! Using your best vocabulary, show off how much you learned! Go Geek! is a free online dictionary. Use it to look up words you don’t know while reading material that your teacher assigns, and write the meaning in the margins of your text-book.
  • Study for test in bits and pieces: Don’t cram the night before a test or try to go over all the material the day before. Study a little bit each day and do an overall review at the end. This means starting your studying process a week or two before your test. Give the harder classes more time, but don’t neglect the easy ones.
  • Keep it positive!! : You can do whatever you set your mind to. Believe and live like you know it’s true, because it is. Don’t let anyone make you settle for less in any area of life. Be your true self 100% of the time, especially when others try to knock you down.
  • Ask for Help: For some, this can be the hardest thing to do. If you don’t know what to do or how to help yourself (or others), you need to admit it and ask someone for help.Visit your professor during his or her office hours. Not only can they help clarify information, but most instructors enjoy meeting and getting to know their students outside class time. And, don’t forget about G.C.C.’s great student support services. I’ve provided the contact information and links:

Well that’s it! Good luck, and work hard hard in all of your classes this semester! See ya!

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