First Week of School!


After months and months of anticipation, classes have begun for GCC students! I’m on my third day of school, so I’ve had the chance to experience all of my classes (some are Monday/Wednesday and some are Tuesday/Thursday) and I can honestly say that so far I love and am excited about each and every one! Just in case you missed my introduction post, I am a Fashion Business Merchandising student, and my concentration is apparel design. This essentially means that over the course of two years I will be sewing lots and lots of clothes! I can’t wait! I just want to dive in right away! All of my professors are absolutely wonderful and kind people, and I know that I can learn so much from them. Anyways, in my family this wasn’t just my first week, my sister and brother-in-law started school too! I am so excited that we will all be attending GCC together, it makes it that much more fun! Plus, it lets us all carpool, hang out between classes, and have lunch together! It is really such a positive boost to my entire GCC experience.

imageJust look at all my fun new sewing things!!!image

My sister Emily is in the Human Services program, and my brother-in-law (bro) Aaron is in the General Studies program. He plans to get all of his required general education classes out of the way, and then see where life takes him. Oh! There’s another insanely cool thing I have to mention. I’m featured on the Genesee Community College homepage, along with my fabulous fellow blogger Iesha!! It’s amazing, and I still can’t get over it! Thank you so much GCC for liking my blog posts enough to promote me right on your homepage!!


Okay, now I have to tell you about something else that is very exciting. In my Apparel Construction Fundamentals class we were fortunate enough to be allowed to take home donated bridal gowns (if we wished), to re-purpose into something fabulous of our own creation! These gowns are exquisite, and we have been given carte blanche to dye, rip, cut, or do literally anything to these garments, and if they happen to turn out amazing we can enter them in the annual GCC fashion show. The GCC fashion show happens to be the largest professional fashion show in Western NY by the way.


Needless to say I am beyond excited at the possibility of doing something really fun and interesting with this dress. I’m not going to touch it for a while, I want to feel really confident about my decisions with it.


I would love to be able to turn it into something along these lines though. We’ll just have to see how it goes. Any suggestions?

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