Melanie Martinez’s First Big Album!!!


It finally came! For months I had been patiently waiting for the album I pre-ordered from my favorite singer, Melanie Martinez, and on August 14th it finally released! The name of the album is Crybaby, and it is a concept album produced by Atlantic Records. It is amazing! I cannot begin to describe my love for it. If I could find a way to have the music continuously pumped directly into my brain, I would. I can say without a doubt that I love each and every song Melanie has ever created; the same cannot be said for any other artist/band I have listened to.


There were several different pre-order packs available for the Crybaby release, and I was not able to get the one that I had really wanted (it was a bit pricey), but I am so happy that I was able to get one at all. They were going fast! My pre-order pack came with the digital album, an adorable t-shirt, and some additional digital content that will be released at a later date.

CKJIrtsUcAAjRQFTHE ULTIMATE PACKAGE (and the one I wanted..) It came with the physical album, the digital album, t-shirt, poster, gorgeous story book, a crybaby necklace, and limited edition blue crybaby lipstick from Lime Crime.


I honestly feel so proud of Melanie. I’ve always thought that she was amazingly talented, and I am so glad that she’s been able to take things this far. I’m sure her success will only grow from here, and I am looking forward to tons of new albums in the future! I have been a fan of her since she “debuted” on the singing competition show The Voice, and am so glad that she is now getting the chance to dive into her own material, and is no longer forced to only do covers of other artists.


As of right now I have yet to be able to actually see Melanie live in concert…but someday I’ll find a way!! I mentally kick myself every day for missing her when she came to Albany. I had been going to school there, but moved back to the Batavia area just days before she came and performed!! I was so close!! Since then her tour dates have been too far away, oh well, maybe the next tour… Here, let me post the schedule just in case some of you have better luck than me! I hope you get to go! If you do, send me pictures!



**Next post will be about my first days at Genesee Community College/ the college’s Week Of Welcome!! Look forward to it!!

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