College Stress


If I had to give an incoming student advice about GCC, I would tell them that it is much different than high school and is your time to turn your life around. It’s not a time to goof off and just relax all the time like you may have in high school. You have to buckle down and get your work done and done on time.

Not all the teachers worry about you like they do in high school. You are on your own now, and how you plan your time is up to you. If you don’t get work done in time it is your own fault. Also you need to learn how to plan your time wisely. Study, study, study and review your notes that you took in class that night or sometime that week to keep the information fresh in your head.  Make sure you get to know your professors and make sure they know who you are.

Make sure you come to class prepared every single day with a pen, notebook, textbook, and a folder. It is the little things that matter the most to the professors. The more you participate in class activates and show that you care the better chance you will have to grow a relationship with that professor and better opportunities. You may even have a better chance than the other students to get the extra help that you may need quicker than someone else would because that professor knows that you care and want to pass the class.

Take good notes while in class, and make sure you are listening to the teacher talk at all times during the period. To me organization is one of the most important things. If you are not organized it is much harder to find things you need in your notes that day in class or if you are not organized you can lose notes, homework, or other important papers that are needed to help you pass the class.

The most important thing to remember is to never give up even when you feel like it is impossible to get by. Don’t be afraid to ask for the extra help. Use the tutors that the school gives you if you are having a lot of trouble in a class or don’t be afraid to just ask the professor. There is always people that want to help you along the way.

-Joshua Lathan

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