This past Monday, GCC was able to receive a visit from a representative of one of the most distinguished fashion schools in New York and the world. Anthony M. Urmey, Assistant Director of Admissions and Transfer Services at LIM, spoke to the Fashion Business students of GCC about all that LIM has to offer. LIM is situated amongst the skyscrapers of NYC; with its academic buildings located in Midtown East, and dorm buildings a 15-minute metro ride away on 1760 3rd Ave, LIM is the best choice of school for fashion students who are looking to break-in to the industry. LIM offers a variety of degrees, including (but not limited to): BBA BPS in Fashion Merchandising, BBA in Marketing, BBA in Management, and BBA in Visual Merchandising. LIM is one of a few fashion schools that offers a bachelor’s degree in visual merchandising. During his presentation, Anthony Urmey made a point of mentioning that when looking at schools for transfer that it is important to be aware of the accreditation of the school you are looking to transfer to. LIM for example is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. Anthony also placed great emphasis on finding the transfer school that fits you best through the use of exploring the credentials of the school’s faculty. Professors tend to be most effective in teaching subject matter when they have experience in/worked in the field of concern. Many of LIM’s professors work full-time in the fashion industry while teaching, making them readily available to provide students with insight on topics of concern and professional connections.

Anthony M. Urmey of LIM speaking to fashion students

Anthony M. Urmey of LIM speaking to fashion students

Part of what sets LIM apart from other fashion schools based out of NYC is its unique internship requirements. All students at LIM are required to have completed three internships (approximately 150 hours). The first internship the students are required to participate in is in the area of retail. The second internship is within corporate/management and can be picked based upon the specific career interests/goals of the student. The third internship that students must complete is the senior co-op, which involves intensive hands-on work and serves as a career transition for students. Anthony said this of LIM’s internship programs: “the more proactive students are going to get the better spots”, landing an internship in NYC is very competitive, therefore students who are looking to apply to LIM should have a strong passion for the fashion industry and be willing to work hard. Anthony advised the fashion students at GCC to also be aware of the employment rates of graduates from schools that you are looking to transfer to. The whole concept of university-based education relies on the hope of being employable after receiving your degree, by looking at these stats you become informed of your chances of earning a professional position after you have received your degree. In 2011, 97% of LIM graduates seeking positions were employed within nine months of graduation. Tuition at LIM is $24,225; though it may come at a high cost, the education earned from LIM is a great investment; this is proved through the very low loan default rate of 2 ½ % and high employment rates of LIM graduates. If the price tag of LIM is the only thing stopping you from sending in your application for transfer then its time to reconsider. GCC students have an advantage when applying to LIM; everyone who graduates from GCC will receive $1,000 tacked onto their financial awards from LIM. GCC and LIM also have an articulation agreement as of 2011, enabling GCC students to enter LIM as a junior in their program of choice. So get your applications in right away! If you’re planning on transferring Anthony recommends that students at GCC should send in applications as early as possible. Don’t forget to submit your college transcripts, high school transcripts, a well-written essay, two letters of recommendation, and your resume! Good luck to all those who are currently applying to LIM, and for all those who follow in their footsteps.

-Ami Cornell

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