A New Show


Fashion Forward, the title and theme for the upcoming fashion show at the end of April, has been completely reinvented from previous years. The 32nd annual fashion show is features an array of new aspects to the fashion program. The fashion show is featuring original designs created by freshman students, sophomore students, and community members. These designs will be created exclusively for Fashion Forward this year. In light of the large donation of over 40 gowns to the fashion department, from M. A. Carr Bridal, Fashion Forward is featuring reinvented deigns. These bridal gowns will be completely deconstructed to create a totally new look. I have heard talk of many designers even dying the gowns different colors to stray away from the classic bridal white image.


In conjunction with the design aspect of the show, we also have broadened our merchandising horizons. This will be the first year in GCC fashion show history that we will be featuring a New York City Trunk show from Buffalo David Bitton. This famous designer has been kind enough to send us their upcoming line of clothing, which will be featured in the scene Reckless in Fashion Forward.
When recreating this show we looked at all aspects of designing the show from chair covers to changing the show times, eventually after a lot of discussion, we decided the most impactful aspect about the show we could change would be the commentary. Therefore we came up with a concept to remove a live commentator and transition between scenes with video commentary. These videos would be individually be created by the scene coordinators to give the audience an idea of what they will be seeing next and where the inspiration for the scene came from. The video commentary will be a tremendous change to previous years but hopefully with a lot of hard work we will be able to make this change a positive one, and have a show worth remembering.

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