Death, Marriage, and Taxes.


As a GCC blogger, I have the daunting task of choosing a topic on which to blog. Often times I stare at the blank screen and its blinking courser with dread, as my shoulders feel the weight of my luxurious burden.  So, what should I write about today? Death, Marriage, Taxes? Clearly I like to stick to the classics.  An internal chuckle is felt when as think of the similarities of these options from my topic pool.  As a woman who has been married for nearly 18 years, I can testify that there is a mourning and loss associated with the giant leap into holy matrimony. Amidst the obvious euphoria associated with finding the person who completes you, there is a part of yourself that is forever changed. The supposed finality of it all is somewhat frightening. The words “till death do you part.” feel pretty ominous. Who among us can really comprehend “forever?” The concept of death is even more abstract, and depending on your views, it’s grasp on us extends beyond forever into eternity. If there is one thing more dreaded then death (and public speaking) that would probably be taxes.  The government’s yearly invasion of our privacy, and in many cases our wallets, is fast approaching. Death and Taxes are universally thought of as the great equalizer, as they are unavoidable. Consider also, the ceremonies that surround these three life events.  We have the receiving line at the wedding, the funeral procession, and on tax day the line around the block at the post office.

At least marriage is done at the participant’s option, at least, for those of us who have that option. I for one see no need to discriminate in regard to whom is allowed to marry. The way I see it, they have just as much right to be miserable, as anybody else. The tax consequences of marriage, divorce and death are just as mind boggling as the events themselves. As a tax preparer, I relish in the joy of explaining to newly-weds that they cannot file as single anymore, and the several thousand dollar refund they each once received, will now be split between them.  Then the haunting tax consequences of lingering spouses that re-enter your life at tax time, claiming the children that you were suppose to claim. The glorious act of marriage that you thought was combining two souls into one, comes with it baggage in the form of low credit scores and IRS debt. I read that modern youth are getting wise to the importance of these factors when choosing a mate. The 60’s mantra of “what’s your sign” has been replaced with “what’s your credit score.”  When you marry someone you marry their entire family, and end up with all the joy and heartache that comes along with that. You will need a huge walk in closet to house the bulk of you and your spouse’s skeletons.  For all intents and purpose Marriage should be entered into with more preparation, trepidation, and seriousness than both death and taxes.  With that I wish you all a healthy and happy tax day, (April 15th) and I wish my husband a happy anniversary. (Also April 15th)

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