Fantasy Bridal


If the merchandise catalog assignment, in the Fashion Trends and Design class, was a contest Kelly Wetherby would have taken the gold.  Kelly’s specialty is bridal. Using her talent and creativity she assembled a bridal guidebook entitled Bella Sposa, which translates to Beautiful Bride.  The bridal guidebook featured three types of silhouettes; ball gowns, mermaids, and A-line. Instead of organizing the gowns by silhouettes, Kelly organized the gowns by Disney Princesses. The ball gowns featured Cinderella and Belle, mermaid style gowns highlighted Ariel, and A-line silhouettes presented Sleeping Beauty. Kelly carefully selected gowns that represented each Disney Princess, along with researching prices and giving detailed descriptions of each style.


Kelly impressed her fellow classmates with her presentation. Her bridal guide was an outstanding example of her creative work. She educated the class with a fantastic presentation of current bridal fashions with an exciting twist. As Kelly’s bridal guide states brides can truly “be a princess on their wedding day!”

Produced By: Ashley Ricketts and Samantha M Vogt

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