Hot Off The WordPress . . . “RASO’s UNITE”


We temporarily interrupt our regularly scheduled programing . . .  NEWS FLASH! . . . This just in . . .  There is a student movement afoot within the friendly confines of our hallowed facility. A rallying cry “RASO’s UNITE” (Returning Adult Student Organization) is being heard louder and louder from more and more students with each passing moment. How did this come to be? What unleashed this sudden torrent of unified efforts and energies?  What is it they seek? Are they friendly? Should we scatter the chickens . . . ?

Our investigation has revealed that it all started innocently enough, one person with one question, who then posed this question to another. From there the momentum expanded exponentially to the point of support pouring into this cause from the four corners of the campus. What is their cause? A place for RASO’s to network, garnish guidance and advice, and assist one another. This will be a place for them to bring their issues, problems, and concerns, whatever their Waterloo may be. A well being oasis for the returning adult student is what they seek.

Our latest report indicates that the RASO’s are planning on holding a rally Wednesday Dec. 5th at 12:30 in room T-123.  Further investigation has revealed that even a staff member, Brenda Sheflin (343-0055 ext. 6185 or, has fallen under their spell and is directly involved with this uprising. She asks that any aspiring RASO rally attendees contact her through the above channels. . . . Well there you have it student nation. Was kind of scary at first but we now believe they are pretty much harmless (more brains). So go ahead and put your chickens back in the pen and  stay tuned for further details  . . . We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming . . . .

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