It’s the End of the World as we know it…


…and I feel fine. Leave it to REM to make the Apocalypse sound like a good time.  I sincerely doubt there are any GCC students who truly believe the world will end on December 21 2012 when the Mayan calendar runs out. My Astronomy teacher is the first to tell you an asteroid will crash into earth and life as we know it will end…just not this month.  Still, it is a romantic concept that this will be our final year in existence. Are you happy with the way you spent it? This year has been a struggle for me. It was a year of pulling my weary bones out of the personal Hell that held me captive.  As I climbed from depth of darkness toward the light and promise of a college degree at GCC, many demons tried to pull me down.  Vengeful, crazy, often bleach blonde demons stood between me and my dreams.  Onward through the fog I plowed, through illness, poverty, and deaths of loved ones.  I’m proud that I have refused to give up, and I have managed to be open to all the wonder that this year also has had to offer. I have learned so much in my first semester, and I’m proud not just for the grades, but to the improvement I’ve made to myself. I have had the opportunity to meet the most fantastic teachers, students and staff.  It is a dream that I was selected as a blogger, and get an opportunity to share my thoughts with the masses. My three kids are healthy, smart and succeeding in their lives. My daughter graduated early and is a GCC student in digital arts. My oldest son is graduating early at only 16, and has plans for college. My 11 year old, also ahead in school, has just advanced in the LEGO robotics tournament. I have a wonderful extended family that I’m blessed to have in my life. I have a home, and all my basic needs met.  I have hope for the future, even if it doesn’t last until Christmas.  So, I guess I’m ready for whatever comes my way. The end of anything is also the start of something new. The Mayan calendar is no exception. Many scholars believe that instead of it predicting cataclysmic events that it actually it marks the beginning of a new era! I think I like the idea of world-wide changes and a sort of rebirth for us all. I hope the clean slate does not wipe out humanity in order to accomplish a total do-over, but if it does, it’s been nice knowing you. For fans of the TV show LOST, you will understand that society needs to start over until there is a group of people who get it right. Let’s be that group, and let Hurley be our leader. I’m confident enough to say, See you next year!

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