Eleanor Lambert – A Fashion Great


Myself and many of the fashion students here at GCC learnt in depth about the life and works of Eleanor Lambert from esteemed author and speaker John Tiffany. He captured our attention for more than an hour as he educated and entertained us through the stories of one of the most influential women in the fashion industry.

Eleanor Lambert is less well known to the average Joe than the likes of Ralph Lauren and Donna Karen, but in the whole scheme of American fashion, she is so much more important. The main reason these iconic American designers are hugely successful is due, in no small part, to the hard work Eleanor Lambert did over her many illustrious years, promoting and supporting the American fashion industry as a whole.

My eyes were truly opened to how integral and influential Eleanor was to help change American fashion and put it on the world’s fashion stage to compete with the likes of France and Italy. As fashion students, we owe so much to this amazing lady who helped create the huge fashion industry we see today in America, one which we aspire to be a part of in the near future.

We must also thank John Tiffany for working tirelessly to educate the world, by keeping the wonderful and interesting memories alive of one of fashions most distinguished and forward thinking minds.

A copy of John Tiffany’s book, “Eleanor Lambert: Still Here” which is an essential piece of fashion history, is available at the Genesee Community College Alfred C. O’Connell library.

Available at Amazon.com

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