Why Are We Here?


Hey student nation how’s the world been treating you since last time around? Well I hope. A lot’s been going on since we last chatted. I’ve been attending all the Leadership Development Workshops and Career Service Center seminars that I can fit into my schedule this semester. John McGowan does a great job presenting the various topics for Career Services. Barbra Shine, Amy Masters, Brian Fraser, Amy Conley, and Lina LaMattina to name a few, do the LDW program just as proud. In case you didn’t know it the LDW presenters donate their time to make sure this information, this knowledge, these advantages, are available to us all. I highly recommend attending as many as you possibly can. The gift of time is the greatest gift of all. Don’t miss out on it!

Another fine activity to involve yourself with is the Toastmasters organization. Headed by Jacqueline DiBella and John McGowan you’ll learn the ins and outs of becoming a polished presenter. If you’re uncomfortable in front of an audience this is the place for you. In today’s world the ability to professionally present, both yourself and information, is vital. This club will help you on your way to becoming a confident presenter not to mention the networking aspect that walks hand-in-hand with it.

How does all this tie into the title which was the question I left you with last blog. Why are we here? I’ve asked this question around campus and here are some of the responses. I came here to become an accountant, a paralegal, IT major, and so on. Myself I enrolled here to become a business administrator or so I thought. Holy smackdown Batman was I wrong.

Business administration is what I was going to learn along the way to the ultimate goal. It’s now my opinion that we are all here to become the exact same thing, that being a PROFESSIONAL. A professional what is but a mere sidebar in my mind, hopefully something you like.  A person could know accounting till the cows come home but if you don’t handle that knowledge in a professional manner you’ll “account” for no one. First and foremost yourself!

Yes I truly believe we are all here for the exact same reason weather we realize it or not.  Are there any thoughts on that one? Please let me know. So when you get up in the morning, when you come to school, when you study and do your work, as you walk down the hall try and attack it with that train of thought in mind, of becoming a professional. What a difference one thought can make in everything you do. Well I probably shouldn’t speak for everyone but I will say this. What a difference it made for me! Go ahead, try it, don’t be scared. Let’s face it your probably already not doing it, I wasn’t!

I leave you with this question for our next chat. When someone “gifts” an item to you most people feel privileged for receiving it.  The question is does paying for an item yourself diminish the privilege of ownership? Enjoy the holiday and find something to be thankful for. Until next time student nation, be good.

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