Photography- Art or Skill?


By: Genevieve Scholl

Actually, photography is a little of both art and skill. A lot of people think that take a good photograph means having a good camera, but that’s not the truth. The camera could be a simple disposable one and you could still capture great images. I mean, yes, if you had a camera with a telephoto lens or a flash or certain settings, there are some things that could be captured that couldn’t be captured with a simple point and shoot camera (I.E the moon, night time shots, or an action photograph). However, even with out all those fancy gidgets that are put onto more expensive cameras, anyone can capture a photograph worthy of publication as long as they believe they can and have patience.

The camera that I have is a Nikon D3000 with an 18-55mm lens (as pictured below). It is a fairly advanced camera, but in all honesty I barely ever use the “gidgets” that are available. For most photographs that I capture, I keep the settings on no flash and no specialty filters. I simply see something that I feel should be captured and frozen in time and I point and focus the lens and BOOM! Masterpiece. Focusing the lens is where the skill comes into play, but importantly then that is the art part of photography. Anything could be a fantastic photograph as long as you have, what I like to call, “the vision”. The vision is when you snap a photograph and you know in your heart that it came out exactly the way you intended. The vision is seeing something that is worth a look in a photograph that others might find boring or even “horrible”. That vision is a special gift to possess. Don’t ever let anyone make you believe that you don’t have the vision, because in my personal opinion we all have that gift; some of us just choose not to use it.

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