Welcome to My Home


Hey, everyone, Emily here!

Emily at a computer in the Student Union.

I am so excited to begin my writing career as a blogger for Genesee Community College!!

I spent a lot of time this weekend trying to figure out what to write about as my first blog post…and could not decide. Being a blogger, there are so many things that you can write about, it can be intimidating trying to figure out where to start. I finally decided that my first blog post should be a little bit about me and my life here at GCC (seeing as how you shall be spending quite a bit of time in my brain this semester).

I have been a student at GCC for almost 3 semesters now, this semester will be my last. The normal amount of time it takes for a student to complete their Associate Degree is 4 semesters. I was very blessed to go to a high school that allowed me to participate in the ACE program and finish a semester of college before I had even graduated high school (ACE is a program that GCC offers, which allows kids to take AP high school classes for college credit, such as Psychology 101 and English 101/105. If, by chance, you are a high school student reading this and you have not graduated yet, I would really encourage you to check it out).

For my entire college career I have worked in the Student Activities office in the Student Union. You can almost always find me there, and if I look familiar to you it is because I have most likely taken your student ID photo and/or sold you a locker. I love working in the SA office; its my favorite thing about GCC. Student Activities is just what it sounds like; our office plans activities for the students. Being able to see this process first hand (from imagining the event, to booking the entertainment, to helping set up) has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience for me. I also enjoy working so closely with the student body. Sitting at my desk and talking to students on the phone, providing answers to their questions and even something as simple as handing out ping pong paddles has allowed me to meet many different people from countries all over the world. I am very lucky to have this opportunity in the area where I was born and raised.

Because I have worked at the college for so long, I have a unique view of GCC which I am excited to share with students. For instance, GCC has become my home in a way that is unique to me and a completely different experience than those students who get the opportunity to dorm here. Call me crazy, but I miss the office when I am not scheduled to work, which is one of the reasons why you can almost always find me in the union. My bosses and coworkers have become my work family; I will always enjoy sitting in my chair with a cup of coffee and discussing the latest event or happening at the college with our staff.

So, there is a little bit about my home, here, at GCC. As I said before, I am excited to have the opportunity to let you guys poke around in my brain every day, and am equally excited for the upcoming semester that we students will share.

Until next time,


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