How will you be remembered?


Ebony here

What kind of lasting impression will you have when you leave GCC or leave this world?Do you want to be remembered as a positive person who was helpful, caring, strong minded, and kind, or the person who was negative with a bad attitude and careless?

They say  ” first impressions are lasting impressions.”

What will people say about you when your gone, or will they even have anything to say at all? We are all here for a reason, we should all influence one another, make positive changes, and teach others. Everyone is capable of having that lasting impression like some of the great people who has inspired us in so many ways like, Dr. Martin Luther King or Oprah Winfrey for example.

what Impressions have you left, because your only as good as people remember you.

How do you think you will be remembered?

This past week people would introduce themselves to me and say, “hey, your the girl on the GCC website right?” I laugh and reply with a “yea, that’s me”. When I leave here I know that most people will remember me as the GCC blogger on the schools website, president of the African American Student Union club, member of Student health Awareness group, work study at MarCom, an influencer, a good friend, and a happy person. Although we do not have total control of how we will be remembered, but we do have the chance to have an affect on someone else’s life.

I want to be remember as some one who can change people lives, gives good advice, a mentor, a sophisticated bright young African American woman, someone who strives for the best and great success, independent, and as someone who could always brighten up someone else’s day even when my day isn’t so bright. Most of all I want to be remember as an INDIVIDUAL.

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