Left Handedness


Hey Ebony here

My fellow blogger and I Kiley were having lunch together today, and the more we talk the more we have in common. We were also sitting with a male friend, and we were deeply interested in the topic that was being  discussed. Then all of a sudden he told us that he was left handed, Kiley replied to that by saying “me too”, and I said ” me three”. I thought that was funny and very interesting. whenever you meet another left handed person  it’s like you automatically click and form a left handedness alliance. We are left handed people living in a right handed persons world.

Most things in this world are made for the right handed person. No wonder why it’s so hard for a left handed person to use a pair of scissors, and oh how I hate those 3 ring binders, and how the ink smears across the paper while I’m writing.

Way back then it was bad to  be left handed and people were forced to write with their right hands. But now being left handed is a good thing, according to some research left-handed people are faster at processing multiple stimuli than righties. Also lefties process language on both sides of the brain as oppose to righties only using their left.

each side of the brain controls different ways of thinking. The left side of the  brain thinks more logical, rational, sequential, analytical, and looks at different parts. while the right side of the brain is more random, intuitive, holistic synthesizing (taking a part a problem to see what the problem is, and putting it back together), subjective, and looks at things as a whole.

According to some research

left-handedness is found in approximately 10% of the population.

• Four out of five (80%) original Macintosh computer designers were left handed (I own a Mac computer and  love it. ;-)).

• Five out of the last seven (71%) US presidents were left handed (Barack Obama’s runner-up – senator John McCain – is also a lefty).

left handed people are more artistic and creative.

There is a whole lot more research to be done on left handedness.

9 thoughts on “Left Handedness

  1. Missy

    I find that being left-handed in a right-handed world has its advantages because you eventually learn to use both hands for different things, as opposed to one hand for everything, like, how I play a right-handed guitar and can’t use left-handed scissors but I write and use the mouse with my left hand.
    Also, whether you are left-handed or right-handed doesn’t really determine personal attributes. I think its mostly environment, genetics, and just the way we work 🙂

  2. Great topic you left-handed bloggers, you!!
    BTW – My late father was proud to be a lefty in righty world, and whenever he would notice that a waiter or waitress was also a lefty he always made the comment, “See which hand he -or she- is using… why it’s the RIGHT one, of course” It was as predictable as the sun coming up each day! I’m not sure, but I’m guessing that he tipped the lefty’s a bit better too! Call it reverse discrimination or maybe just evening the score!

  3. Brenda

    I found this article really neat 🙂 I had always considered myself a right handed person until I realized I could write with both hands! I find myself left hand dominate. I am taking a sign language class and notice I use my left hand to sign a lot more than my right. My husband is a lefty and what you stated about how our brains work gave me a laugh….You did describe how I think my husband is while being left handed and then I realized I am luck because I have both traits! LOL So, with that thought I will take LEFT and RIGHT hands and reach for the stars! Thanks for sharing

  4. Kris Dassinger

    I always look at my students to see what hand they write with. I love seeing left-handed people because that usually means their essays will be more creative and written well.

  5. Adrian Tardy

    I Love Being Left Handed. It’s so true when Ebony said, “when one left handed person meets another, they form a left handedness alliance.” It’s a very neat fact because we really do connect with this trait. We just think we are COOL!!!!

  6. Phil Pickering

    So…. this sounds like a problem from Statistics class — in fact, we did this very problem in Chapter Three notes this past week!! What is the probability of three unrelated people all being left-handed if the probability of any one person being left handed is 10%??

    That’s kind of weird. I like it.

  7. Patrick Minges

    I am Left handed and I think that most people are I mean you have a fifty-fifty chance of being a right handed kid or a left handed kid. What alot of people are ingnorant of is that when you are left handed your right brain is more active and while your right handed your left brain is more active. Which then just astounds me because you use the opposite half of your brain for the same activities that others achieve as well.

    I also have a question for all of you who posted in here that are left handed.
    Are you kinesthetic learners as well or do you have a different learning style?

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