GASLAND: A Real Eye-Opener


Hey it’s Kiley!

I took the time out to view a showing of GASLAND on January 27th during common hour. I was shocked and disturbed by this documentary and I recommend if you haven’t seen this controversial flick: Netflix it! Have you heard about ‘hydrofracking’ happening across the United States and  did you know New York State may be the next target? Just think: on a day to day basis how much water do you use in one day. To brush your teeth, cook, laundry, shower, and as simple as getting a glass of water to quench your thirst from your tap. What if your water was not clear, made you sick, and flammable: would you drink it? This documentary shares the personal  stories of people across the United States that are inadvertently effected by gas drilling. Should these people be forced off their land due to living conditions that effect their health negatively? Should these drilling gas companies be held accountable for these people’s lives they have effected? I do not have these answers I only pose that you research, educate yourself on this issue and make sure drilling does not happen in NYS.

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In my Introduction to acting course my class was encouraged to watch movies that we would normally  not watch due to feeling uncomfortable or due to lack of interest.I am currently taking a Popular Cinema course  and the genre is by far not my favorite. We started watching Westerns. I can say honestly that Westerns make me fall asleep. I am sick to death of the typical John Wayne movie. We have watched High Noon and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, so far. I find myself enjoying this genre as it has evolved with society.In High Noon  the two women (which create a dramatic foil on one another) are significantly stronger female roles then this genre is used to. I enjoy the major themes in the evolving Western, which is shown in both these movies.


“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s
not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned
the meaning of the friendship, you really haven’t learned

— Muhammad Ali

2 thoughts on “GASLAND: A Real Eye-Opener

  1. Bayne Johnson Jr.

    With regards to “Gasland”: This documentary was fantastic!! “Gasland” was more of an investigative reporting expose than a documentary in the strict sense, but semantics are not what this film had to say in the least. The investigative filmaker lets the facts speak loud enough to affect even the most pro-big buisness, conservatives who dare to watch. I had to force myself to leave the viewing early in order to attend to responsibilities I could not avoid. I am not sure what fuels my outrage more, the absolute destruction allowed to happen today in the wake of “Darth” Cheney’s unethical use of his power while he was VP; or, the failure of society to stop these gas corporations from bullying the towns where they are decimating the earth for greed and leaving those who live there, properties which are toxic and combustable. Thank you Kiley for pointing me to this movie, it was excellent and remains in my thoughts today.

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