Genesee cafeteria


Hey Ebony here

While being in Genesee Community College I’ve noticed that the cafeteria does not have enough healthy food choices, I’m pretty sure other people have noticed that as well. I am extremely big on eating healthy and physical appearance. This morning I went into the cafeteria to get breakfast at 10am, and they were already serving lunch. I was kind of upset because the only choices I had were greasy hamburgers, French fries, grilled chicken and chicken fingers. I was told that they had ran out of breakfast, that was hard to believe; But, what was funny is that they normally start lunch at 10am. I think that’s just a way for them to make more money early    because lunch is much more expensive compared to breakfast. I looked around tried to find a banana or something of my taste but sadly I couldn’t find it. There’s a little section with cut up fruits like cantaloupe, strawberries, and pineapples, where you can make a small fruit bowl, but the last time I ate fruit from there I wasn’t pleased. I just hope the cafeteria come up with a different variety of foods.

I just don’t understand how all around the school there is something promoting health and physical activity, but the cafeteria isn’t. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT and people tend to forget that. It’s very unhealthy to eat chicken fingers and cheese fries every day. Sometimes when I eat something unhealthy or too heavy I don’t feel as active as I would if I had made a healthier choice. When I eat from the cafeteria I normally get a spinach chicken wrap with lettuce and tomatoes or a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich on wheat bread, and wash it down with water or a V8.

I’m not saying that I make super healthy choices all the time, but we should make healthy choices 80% of the time. It’s important that people make more smart and healthy choices. Instead of eating a piece of cake or cookies, substitute that with a banana or trail mix.

Check out the website people that shows how to make healthy food choices.




Another piece of advice, drink tons of water and EXERCISE, EXERCISE,EXERCISE.

4 thoughts on “Genesee cafeteria

  1. Anthony Timberlake

    A Nutricart was attempted last year and was not successful. What may sound nice and healthy is not what the majority of people want. There is a salad bar that is stocked throughout the day and sandwiches available as well. Research?

  2. Anon.

    That nutricart was ridiculously expensive. Unfortunately, greasy hamburgers were and are significantly more affordable than any of the health food options the school supposedly offers.

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