Blood Brothers day two vocal.


Hey it’s Kiley giving you an update.

So today I couldn’t hit a C, but I could hit a high F.I haven’t truly sang in awhile, so the break in my voice is ridiculous. Confused? Ok, I will break it down for you. A singer has a chest voice (low singing range) and a head voice (high notes from C to F usually), but in-between a singers range is their break. This is a weak part of their voice they must smooth out.

So this is my vocal obstacle at present. Hopefully since I am taking a music class that offers vocal coaching I will fix that issue. Another constant battle with a singer is breathing . If you don’t sing you are thinking um..isn’t that automatic? No, a lot of singers tend to sing from their throat and you can hear a significant sound of tension in their voice. This is why it’s important to sing by using your diaphragm. So I am trying to make personal voice goals, so I can truly be the best that I’m capable of.




“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

— e.e. cummings

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