Day one: The read through


So last night was a mark to the start of our show: Blood Brothers. The rehearsal started like any typical new club or group coming together on a common objective and interest by going around and introducing oneself. Its important to know every person in the cast and their role in the show.  Every actor must break the ice with one another and form bonds throughout the process of getting a show together. I know the majority of the cast, so I felt pretty comfortable.I kept a positive attitude and tried to not get discouraged due to rough notes or lines.

The read through was rather interesting. Some small parts were not casted: therefore we went with the flow and substituted parts as we went along. At times I read Mrs. Lyon’s while Emily (double casted as Mrs. Johnstone) read Mrs. Johnstone’s  lines. I felt by reading these lines I got a better understanding of my characters relationship with Mrs. Lyons. In general full read throughs-including music are important to every cast member. This is where the overall theme is projected: think would you read only parts of a book?  If so you would miss the underlining themes, this is why a read through is necessary.

Our director, MaryAnne Arena, said it was important to research some of the themes. How genetics and environment plays a role in how a child is brought up shown in twin studies and how economic status and mental illness (in the family) plays a role  in someones life. I have taken a psychology and sociology class, so I have a relative understanding of these topics and the controversial arguments on both sides.  We as a cast has a lot to do, but it’s part of the process. I am excited to start acting, dancing, and singing on stage. We made made up a schedule from now until February. Due to In The Blood opening in February we do not have as much time as we normally do, so we must work extra hard and overcome this obstacle.  Overall this first day was the start of something and with hard work this will be the start of something great.

On a separate subject: transferring. I just found out I got into Canisius College and Medaille. I am realy excited to find out from the other three colleges I applied to. It seems that every thing is coming up roses and I hope it’s here to stay.




“Tell everyone what you want to do and someone will want to
help you do it.”

— W. Clement Stone




2 thoughts on “Day one: The read through

  1. Kiley I appreciate you writing this blog, I don’t get to be invovled with the whole process of how the performances are grow and develop, I only get to see the end product during the actual shows. Much appreciated!
    Ann Box Office Manager 😉

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